8 May 2013: High Court grants permission for judicial review of PIP mobility provisions

The High Court has today granted permission for a judicial review of the mobility provisions under personal independence payment (PIP).

The Public Law Solicitors, who are representing the claimant in the case, highlight that, whilst, under disability living allowance, a person is entitled to the higher rate mobility component if they are ‘unable or virtually unable to walk’ – and are usually considered to be virtually unable to walk if they cannot walk more than 50 metres – under the PIP scheme (which is being gradually introduced from 8 April 2013), the relevant distance is reduced to 20 metres.

Welcoming the Court’s decision, Karen Ashton from Public Law Solicitors said –

‘I am very pleased that the Court has found that this case deserves a full hearing. The higher rate of mobility benefit can make an extraordinary difference to a disabled person’s life. But the government failed to mention the reduction to 20 meters in their consultations and so those who might be affected did not have the chance to put their case and explain how devastating the consequences will be.’

For more information see High Court gives green light to PIP legal challenge at janeyoung.me.uk

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