Eurofinas is the European Federation of Finance Houses of which the credit trade
bodies of members’ states belong. The site provides a lot of news about
developments in consumer credit across Europe. It also includes a database of
consumer credit law in each of the member states.

European Court of Human Rights
Provides historical background about the Court, how to apply to the Court and
details of judgments granted.

European Union Law
EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law. The site allows you to
consult the Official Journal of the European Union as well as the treaties,
legislation, case-law and legislative proposals and provides a vast amount of EU
law material and information about how the Court of the European Communities

European Parliament
The European Parliament is the directly-elected body of the European Union, it is
the Community institution that represents the peoples of the Member States within
the European Union. The website includes an overview of the Parliament and
details of all ongoing legislative activities.