Government Departments

Communities and Local Government

Communities and Local Government sets policy on local government, housing, urban regeneration, planning, fire and rescue and community cohesion and race equality issues. Previously the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, this site contains information, research and publications affecting local communities such as Housing, Environment, Planning and Building, Social Exclusion and Community Cohesion. The site includes guidance material for homeowners and tenants and policy information on housing issues. This office is also responsible for Neighbourhood Renewal and New Deal for Communities.

Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
Formerly Department of Trade and Industry, BERR includes
information about business regulation from the Better Regulation Executive (BRE).
It also has a section on consumer affairs including guidance on consumer
protection legislation. BERR manages the UK’s energy liabilities, including prices,
reliability and efficiency, and refers and links to issues around fuel poverty. The
consumer credit review consultations including links to the various statutory
instruments can be accessed from the site. There is information covering the
consumer credit bill and DTI Over-indebtedness work.

Department for Work and Pensions
This site provides thorough and up to date information on all aspects of state
benefits. It includes an indispensable resource centre containing Publications,
Research and Consultations; Information about Policy and Welfare Reform. There
is an A-Z of benefits and services, including introductions to new benefits such as
the Employment Support Allowance. The website contains downloadable leaflets
and a section specifically for advisers.

Hansard (The Official Report) contains the full text of parliamentary debates in the
Houses of Commons and Lords since 1988.

HM Treasury
This website contains a great deal of economic information and data on financial
services including consultations, including more recently publications and
information on the Government strategy to improve financial capability and on the
FSA national strategy, ‘Delivering Change’. The site has a wealth of financial
statistics and information about the UK and Global Economy. Information about and
links to the Financial Services Authority for financial regulation.

Insolvency Service
Informative site about insolvency containing information ranging from general
background to how to petition for bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy. It
includes helpful leaflets in community languages and audio format, also court forms
which can be downloaded. It includes a copy of the Enterprise Act 2002, 2008
amendments, the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and various guides
to the Acts’ insolvency provisions, including rules and regulations for the new Debt
Relief Orders. Bankruptcy petitions can be made on line and access to the
Individual Insolvency Register can be obtained by going via the ‘Do it Online’ tab.

Legal Services Commission
The Legal Services Commission looks after the legal aid system and helps people
access the help they need to address their problems. This site includes all statutory
material and guidance relating to public funding and details about applying for and
maintaining the CLS quality mark standard. The site contains all current
downloadable contract forms including applications, claims, controlled work, legal
funding and reporting forms in PDF. Vital information and guidance is available on
the Unified Contract including General Provisions and Category Specific
Specifications. Paper master copies of updates are no longer sent out and are now
only available online. This site is also access to the LSC Online facility when this
resumes service.

The site includes information on the history and role of parliament. The site
provides all current and proposed bills and legislation which is useful for tracking
their progress. The site gives information about the House of Lords’ judicial work,
as the final court of appeal, with access to information about the judicial work and
judgements. It also provides a calendar of events in both houses and lists and
contact information of MPs, Offices and government committees.